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  • Najibah AbuBakar

    Librarian , Library , ISTAC

    Children literature

  • Liz Adams

    School of English , University of Nottingham

  • Brittany Adams

    Student , Book History , University of St Andrews

    Book history, libraries, exhibitions.

  • Dr Ian Aebel

    Assistant Professor , Department of History and Philosophy , Virginia State University

    Early modern Anglo- and Spanish-American historiography and the history of the book in the early modern Atlantic world.

  • Natalie Aldred

    University of Birmingham

    1598. The study focuses more on the creation and dissemination side of book history; for example I shall soon be working on a compositorial study of the three surviving editions of the play -- thus ascertaining which sections of the texts each compositor was responsible for -- with the intention of linking this to other research in this area (or, perhaps, publishing a larger study as a monograph after the Ph.D.) Working title for the thesis is 'A critical, Hyper-text Editon of "English-men for my Money", with Supplementary Essays.'

  • Abdullah Alger

    University of Manchester

    Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Latin palaeography, medieval rhetoric, humanities computing, Old English and Latin literature.

  • Wellington Andrade

    Student , Science Information School , UFMG

    Book history, Publishing, Calligraphy, History of the Book

  • Ben Annis

    University of Sussex

    The City printer and the development of the London printing industry during the mid-seventeenth century. Commercial opportunities and partisanship'.A study of the economic and social position of printers (both master and journeymen) within the book trade and their local communities. One of the areas that I am interested in is kinship and marital ties between printers and possible links between printers bound to the same master during apprenticeship. I am also hoping to study representations of printers and printing found in both elite and popular forms of literature during the middle of the seventeenth century.

  • Martin Antonetti

    Curator of Rare Books , Neilson Library , Smith College

    Artists Books, New Media, Digital Humanities

  • Johanna Archbold

    Centre for Irish-Scottish and Comparative Studies , Trinity College Dublin

    Print culture; magazines and periodicals in late eighteenth and early nineteenth century; Atlantic book trade.

  • Dr Caroline Archer

    Reader in Typography , The Typographic Hub , Birmingham Institute of Art and Design

    John Baskerville: art, industry and technology of the Enlightenment.Birmingham/Midlands printing: 1700-1982.Watford's printing past.Leonard Jay and the advent of technical education.Also:Tart Cards; Paris underground; The Kynoch Press

  • Harriet Archer

    DPhil Candidate , English , University of Oxford

    I am a 4th year DPhil student in early modern English literature, working on the transmission and development of the Mirror for Magistrates between 1559 and 1610.My research interests include early modern verse historiography, Renaissance reception of medieval literature; Shakespeare, Spenser, Milton.

  • Catherine Armstrong

    Lecturer , Department of History & Economic History , Manchester Metropolitan University

    Representations of America in seventeenth-century English print culture, including books, pamphlets, sermons, ballads, poems etc. Exploring both the influence of the printers and publishers themselves and their relationships with the colonial companies as well as the networks of distribution of information and opinion about the New World, which covers the London book trade, provincial book shops and chapmen and pedlars. PhD awarded 2004.

  • Deepak Aryal

    Researcher , Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya

    Working on "Sociology of Nepali Books publication" and " History of the books published in Nepali language"

  • Dr Kate Ash

    Undergraduate Recruitment and Widening Participation Intern , Directorate for the Student Experience , University of Manchester

    Medieval Scottish litertaure; theories of memory and commemoration; national identity; manuscript composition and illumination

  • Louise Atkinson

    PhD Candidate , School of Fine Art , University of Leeds

    Artists' booksAnthropologyHistories/Futures of printPerformative objects

  • Jess Baines

    phd candidate , Media and Communications , London School of Economics

    print cultures of social movements and radical (left & anarchist) politics, esp in contemporary history. community activism and media production. self-organisation. production and technology. work.

  • Emma Rose Barber

    Lecturer in History of Art , SOAS , University of London

    Books and bookplates, wood engravings, illuminated manuscripts, History of printing and the book.Studying for PhD on images of wayfarers in a group of Psalters of the early fourteenth century, based at the University of Kent.

  • Leire Barrera

    PhDStudent , University of London

    History of Reading, History of Women Reading, History of Publishing in the 19th Century

  • Jonathan Barry

    Professor of Early Modern History , History , University of Exeter

    Urban provincial culture c.1600-1800, especially Bristol and south-west England. I have a complete card index of all Bristolians invclved in the book trade pre-1780, and of all publications associated with Bristol in the same period.I am also now leading a project to identify all medical practitioners in England, Wales and Ireland c.1500-1715, funded by Wellcome Trust (see http://practitioners.exeter.ac.uk/) which contains substantial information about the book trade.

  • Richard Bartholomew

    University of Osaka

    Popular religious publishing, past and present. PhD thesis (London, SOAS, 2004): 'Community and Consumerism: The Case of Christian Publishing'. (Copies are available on disk as a PDF - email Richard to request a copy.) Forthcoming article: 'Religious Mission and Business Reality: Trends in the Contemporary British Christian Book Industry', Journal of Contemporary Religion, Vol. 20, No. 1, January 2005

  • Dr Karen Baston

    Postdoctoral Fellow , School of Law , University of Edinburgh

    Eighteenth century lawyers' libraries, book collecting, auctions, sales, libraries as social spaces

  • Rita Bastos

    Designer , FBAUB

    Art, Book, Design, Photography, Photobook, Visual Culture.

  • Nourdin Bejjit

    Department of Literature , Open University

    Colonial and Postcolonial History of the Book, Postcolonial Literature and criticism, North African Studies and Orientalism, especially Heinemann African Writers series and the famous Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiong'o and his involvement with Heinemann.

  • Dr Geoffrey Belknap

    Post Doctoral Researcher , English , University of Leicester

    History of Victorian print, science and visual culture

  • Dr Maureen Bell

    English , University of Birmingham

    Printers, publishers, booksellers during the hand-press period. C17 women in the book trade. British book trades, London and English provinces, to 1850.

  • Giles Bergel

    Merton College, Oxford

    Eighteenth-century print culture, including ballads, chapbooks, copy books and sermons; distribution and marketing of print; the firm of William Dicey.

  • Charlotte Berry

    PhD Student , Scandinavian Studies , University of Edinburgh

    Publishing history of 20th century children's literature, especially British post 1950. Scandinavian translation. Role of the editor and the translator. Publishing archives. Literary manuscripts. Provenance and history of collections.

  • Katie Birkwood

    Exhibitions Project Officer , Cambridge University Library

    Special collections librarian interested in library history.

  • Ivor Blight

    Independent Historian , Blight Family

    Victorian society, education and literacy

  • Kristin Bluemel

    Professor , English , Monmouth University

    twentieth-century illustrated book trade; wood engraved illustrations; women illustrators; cultural hierarchies esp. history, production, and consumption of "middlebrow" literature; intermodernism.

  • Dr Deirdre Boleyn

    Independent Scholar

    Early modern English literature, manuscript poetry and manuscript culture, history of the book, women's writing.

  • Daliah Bond

    Doctoral Researcher , School of History , University of Aberdeen

    This thesis concerns the significance of Scottish chapbooks in relation to popular culture 1650-1800. This question is explored by using a database of Scottish chapbooks held in major UK libraries and reassessing their place as a piece of vulgar ballad literature for the uneducated lower classes but looking at the possibility that they were also read by and marketed to the elites. By looking at the issues of illustration, content and production values we can explore the notion of a‘cheap’ vs ‘luxury’ print. As well as exploring the chapbooks’ usefulness as ‘mirrors of their time’. Additionally, I am also interested in how Scottish chapbooks were distributed and to what extent this contributed to their form and content.

  • Katie Bone

    Student , MA Book Publishing , London College of Communication

    The evolution of reading cultures and the book market in Britain in the twentieth century.

  • Barbara Bordalejo

    De Montfort University

    Theoretical aspects of textual criticism, especially computerised methods applied to the study of texts; and scholarly editing, particularly the possibilities offered by electronic editions.

  • Eleanor Bowes

    Student , Oxford Centre for Publishing Studies , Oxford Brookes University

    James Joyce's Ulysses.Penguin and Bodley Head 1930-90Random House (US) 1930 - 90Society of Authors

  • Cathy Broad

    Assistant Librarian , Linnean Society , Natural History Museum

    Natural history books, especially illustrated books and the works of Carl Linnaeus.

  • Agnes Broome

    PhD Student , Department of Scandinavian Studies , University College London

    My doctoral research is focused on how the market for fiction in translation functions with particular focus on Swedish books on teh UK market.

  • Meaghan Brown

    PhD Candidate , English , Florida State University

    London printers 1473 - 1620s, the employment of nationhood and national sentiment as marketing techniques, transnational trade connections among printers, and the rhetoric of production and marketing in the early modern period.

  • Aimee Burnham

    PhD candidate , history , university of Warwick

    The publication and circulation of works by the Marquis de Sade in the British context during the long nineteenth century. This includes library acquisition dates, public discussions and literary analysis all set within current discussions surrounding the history of "pornography".I completed my undergraduate degree in history at the university of Exeter. In 2012 completed an ma in eighteenth century studies at the university of Warwick and i am currently a first year PhD candidate at the same institution. I recently organised the conference Erotica, Pornography and the Obscene in Europe held at Warwick.

  • Ruth Bush

    DPhil Student , Medieval and Modern Languages , Oxford University

    Francophone/Anglophone African literare and publishing history.

  • Dr Susan Cahill

    Assistant Professor , School of Canadian Irish Studies , Concordia University

    Irish children's literature, nineteenth-century children's literature

  • Rachel Calder

    phd student , Dept Information Studies , UCL

    19th c book trade, Joseph Whitaker, The Bookseller, book trade journals, Macmillan & Co, Bowes and Bowes, Cambridge book trade, book trade networks

  • Dr Bridget Carrington

    Associate Editor , Journal of Children's Literature Studies , Roehampton University

    PhD on the Early History of Fiction for Young Adults, 1750-1890, examining the publishing history and ideology behind the writing and publication of fiction intended for adolescent female readers aged between 12 and 21. Using publishers' archives, contemporary newspaper reviews and advice on suitable reading, diaries, auto- biographies. Seeking information on catalogue records and buying policies of subscription, working men's and public libraries in the UK. MA dissertation (Roehampton 2003) on the novels for children by nineteenth century author and journalist Flora Louisa Shaw (Lady Lugard).

  • Grace Caruso

    Student , Library and Information Science , Wayne State University

    Libraries and books

  • Eddie Cass

    Research Fellow , Elphinstone Institute , University of Aberdeen

    Research Interests: the history of chapbook printing and - especially - of those chapbooks which contain traditional drama texts.

  • Dr Mary Chadwick

    Tutor , English and Creative Writing , Aberystwyth University

    Welsh writing in English, Eighteenth-century literature, Women's writing, Manuscript Studies



    I am currently an academic librarian (equivalent of Senior Assistant Professor) in a renowned women college under the University of Calcutta, India . Last year I was selected as a Member of Book Selection Committee for public libraries by the Government of West Bengal and it gave me a rare opportunity to work as a policy maker for public libraries in West Bengal. It also sparked a quest inside to know about the history and philosophy of librarianship, scholarship and politico-social & cultural dimensions of librarianship in the history. Questions regarding latest ICT development and percolation of knowledge across the societal hierarchy in order to make knowledge society in real sense through the public library system are a great challenge before us. For a couple of months I have been thinking to do some research /further study on it. I have found that there are very few books/journals on such issues. Suddenly I have come across your website tonight while surfing. At the same time I am also very much interested to take up teaching and further research in this field of history and philosophy of librarianship, information policy, community informatics, socio-economic dimension of information etc. My research interests are varied and interdisciplinary. I have done research in various projects and it helped me in developing versatile research interests. I did Master of Science in Marine Science Program with the specialisation in Biological Oceanography. In the Master of Science in Information Science Program with the specialisation in Patent Information System, I was introduced into the fascinating world of Intellectual property Rights (IPR). I have been awarded prestigious Junior Research Fellowship from the UGC (University Grants Commission), Govt. of India and it gave me an opportunity to do PhD in my chosen field - the impact of IPR on Biodiversity and biotechnology in india and tried to find out a solution by developing algorithm for a Biodiversity Information System in the perspective of IPR. How traditional knowledge associated with the bioresources got unethically accessed and protected by different forms of IPR without Prior Informed Consent (PIC) and Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) with the indigenous people. In the course of my research work I have become familiar with very new and interesting concepts that have immense socio-economic and cultural impacts like biopiracy, bioprospecting, Farmers’ Rights, Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) etc. I have come to know regarding various national and International legal frameworks like TRIPs, PCT, Paris Convention, UPOV, CBD, Budapest Treaty, Biosafety Protocol, PGRFA treaty of FAO and Indian Patent Act, Biodiversity Act, Seed Act, Plant Variety Protection Act of India etc. In the meanwhile I was selected in the prestigious Civil Service of West Bengal, Govt. of West Bengal and worked for 1 year in rural Bengal before coming to this present job of higher education academic librarian. Job of a civil servant also gave me an opportunity to work with rural community and I found how the socio-cultural developmental process is dependent on information governance and it was also quite challenging.Currently I (Principal Investigator) have been awarded a research project from the UGC, Govt. of India on Fair use of Copyrighted resources and the universities of West Bengal and developing a copyright management policy.

  • Padmini Ray Chaudhury

    Centre for the History of the Book , University of Edinburgh

    Final year of PhD on Byron and his relationship with the literary marketplace, received notions of Romanticism and pedagogy, and the impact of the book history. Also writing sections on the newspaper; educational publishing; religious and missionary publishing; encyclopedias and reference books; antiquarianism and the book for the third volume of the History of the Book in Scotland, (1800-1880) to be published by Edinburgh University Press.

  • Karen Chester

    Independent Scholar , Big Smoke Walks

    Early modern English newsbooks, pamphlets and courtesy books; Restoration London coffee-houses as agencies of public media; 17th-century collectors and virtuosi; cabinets of curiosities.

  • Egidija Ciricaite

    Artist , Collective Investigations Project

    Codex as a material form for the book. Artists publications and self-publishing in the context of book history; samizdat. Language of book art discourse.

  • Jim Cleary

    Researcher , University of Queensland

    Australian history of reading, publishing, libraries, print culture. Religious and cultural history generally. Master of Librarianship (Monash University)thesis 'Books for the Troops: the role of libraries and librarians in World War 11.'

  • Jessica Coatesworth

    PhD Student , University of Manchester

    I have a background in graphic design, bookbinding and letterpress printing. Main research interests include: codicology, the design of the book, and the book as a material object - particularly during the late medieval period and the manuscript to print transition. Also interested in: methods and techniques of production from early medieval to present; design history and navigational structures; typography and typeface design; and graphic design practice.

  • Elen Cocaign

    Phd Candidate , History , Paris 1

    Research on the left-wing book trade from 1918 until 1951. From publishing and bookselling to the reception of left-wing books. Censorship of political books, legal and social.

  • Dr Lucy Collins

    Lecturer In English , UCD School of English Drama and Film , University College Dublin

    Irish printing and publishing 1900-1950. Small press poetry publication in Britain and Ireland 1920-1960

  • Rebecca Coombes

    Liaison Librarian , Leeds Trinity University College

    Newcastle booktrade 1750-1850. Booktrade in Otley.

  • Margaret Cooper

    University of Birmingham

    Currently working on (a) the libraries of the Mechanics' Institutes: access and management style and (b) women's manuscript diaries/accounts books up to 1850. Completed research: John Mountfort (Worcester, bookseller and his customers), Septimus Prowett (London, publisher & picture dealer) and Benjamin Maund (Bromsgrove, bookseller, botanist). MA thesis: the eighteenth-century book trade in the city of Worcester (published by the Worcester Historical Society).

  • Margaret Cooter

    student and artist , MA Book Arts , University of the Arts

    Materials of the book, book structures, readerships, editorial interventions. I studied bibliography and book history as part of a librarianship degree and the history of the book is an interest I am reconnecting with after working for many years as a manuscript editor.

  • Stephanie Craighill

    Research Student , Scottish Centre for the Book , Edinburgh Napier University

    I am a PhD student studying the topical subject: The Globalization of the European Fiction Market. My work is funded by the Carnegie Trust and will contribute valuable insights into the operations of the European marketplace for fiction. Ultimately, findings will be beneficial to knowledge exchange with minority cultures, the international cultural economy, publishers, authors, translators and agents.

  • Chris Cullnane II

    Director of Libraries , Warren A Hood Library , Belhaven University

    I am possibly interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in book history and am looking into doing a thesis that would narrow down to one book with a religious topic such as Christianity and Liberalism by G. Gresham Machen.

  • Dr Mark Curran

    Munby Fellow in Bibliography , Cambridge University Library , University of Cambridge

    I have spent the past five years working on The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe, 1769-1794, an initiative which utilises cutting edge database technology to map the trade of the Swiss publishers the Société typographique de Neuchâtel. The resulting database provides a remarkable insight into the francophone book trade of the late-eighteenth century. I am currently piloting adding other kinds of sources to the database - from bookseller's catalogues to newspaper reviews - pioneering a wider system for the study of the dissemination and reception of books. My work aims to link realised book-history projects by embedding common and core aspects of their datasets into library catalogues and digital content providers and aggregators. Sounds fun, right?

  • Dr Alex da Costa

    University Lecturer , English Faculty , Cambridge University

    early reformation polemic, censorship, error, reading guides

  • Orietta Darold

    Department of English , University of Birmingham

    Medieval manuscripts, material philology. Book production and dissemination. In particular paper manuscripts - medieval paper documents.

  • Simon Davies

    DPhil candidate , School of English , University of Sussex

    Working on a study of witchcraft writing from a book history / history of reading perspective. Also interested in bibliography and editorial method.

  • Tom Davis

    Lecturer , University of Birmingham

    Handwriting; history of printing; textual bibliography; new media.

  • Karina delaGarzaGil

    Bodleian Libraries , University of Oxford , UK

    Early Cologne printing technology and practice: its development within the economic, commercial and cultural frameworks of the time. Ulrich Zell.

  • Dr Johanna Denzin

    Associate Professor of English , Humanities , Columbia College

    Chapbooks, the history of children's literature, the history of the book.

  • Neassa Doherty

    PhD Candidate , English , National University of Ireland Galway

    I am currently completing a PhD dissertation on The Dublin Mezzotint engravers (c. 1740-1775)by examining their activities within the Dublin and London print trades. My research is interdisciplinary, combining eighteenth-century book history, print and visual culture.

  • Dr Vivienne Dunstan

    Department of History , University of Dundee

    PhD completed 2010: 'Reading habits in Scotland circa 1750-1820' examining Scottish reading habits during this period from the perspective of readers, including how people fitted reading into their lives, what they chose to read and why, and how the picture changed over time. Records studied include contemporary accounts of readers, library catalogues and borrowing records, and evidence of book ownership.

  • Elizabeth Dyrud Lyman

    English Department , Harvard University

    Performance texts and visually expressive works (illustrated books, experimental typography, artists' books, avant garde notation, etc.)

  • Jane Eagan

    Head Conservator , Oxford Conservation Consortium

    History of the book, bookbindings, paper and board making, textile bindings.

  • Adrian Edwards

    Lead Curator , Printed Historical Sources , British Library

    The printed book, 1454 to the present day, specifically in relation to the collections of the British Library. The development and management of the collections of the British Museum Department of Printed Books.

  • Katalin Egri Ku-Mesu

    Independent Scholar

    Postcolonial literatures and theory; the African literary ecosystem; reading for pleasure in Africa; the position of elite Europhone literature in African societies; the interface between language and literature; censorship and publishing in Africa.

  • Jo Elcoat

    PhD Student , Centre for the History and Philosophy of Science , University of Leeds

    Eighteenth & nineteenth-century schoolbooks and education.

  • Rebecca Emmett

    PhD Student , Department of History , University of Plymouth

    My PhD research is on the English printer Robert Waldegrave and his eventful career in the period 1578-1604. More broadly I have research interests in: Sixteenth century European book trade, English and Scottish printing traditions, Typography, Religious printing, Anglo-Scottish relations and politics in the sixteenth century, networks of print.

  • Juan Escobedo Romero

    El Colegio de San Luis, A.C.

    Libraries in 19th-century Mexico. Local and regional history of the Mexican book.

  • Dr Jonathan Evans

    Independent Scholar and STEM Copy Editor , ENCAP , Cardiff University

    My PhD was written on the history of the Welsh print industry before 1900. It paid specific attention to the influence of the development of industry in Wales on Welsh print culture. Since completing my PhD I have developed this topic further, most recently by writing on how Welsh folklore was translated into an industrial context. PhD awarded in 2011.

  • Richard Fattorini

    Director and Specialist , Printed Books and Manuscripts , Sothebys

    Printing and publishing in Skipton-in-Craven before 1900. Photographers and photography in Skipton to 1930.

  • Catherine Feely

    School of Arts, Histories and Cultures , University of Manchester

    PhD thesis: 'What Marx Really Meant': print culture and the diffusion of the work of Karl Marx in Britain, c.1880-1940. Broader research interests include the relationship between intellectual history and media/book history; paratextual features; abridgment and extraction; editorial theory and practice; C19th and early C20th periodicals and journalism.

  • Dr Meraud Ferguson Hand

    Freelance researcher and consultant , Freelance

    Having completed a DPhil on early English Book-trade privileges in 2001, from April 2001-January 2009 I worked in the Bibliography Group of the Oxford English Dictionary, as a research manager, bibliographer, and specialist consultant to OED's editors in relation to the handling of early-modern and late-medieval quotation evidence. I currently do research and consultancy for OED on a freelance basis, and am beginning research of my own into the publication of agricultural works and/or/maybe the intersection of these texts with ideas of ownership of land (and maybe texts) in the early-modern period.

  • Antero Ferreira

    Designer and Professor , SO Design , Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto

    Designer, university professor, researcher-collector (calligraphy, typography, book history from Portugal and Spain; specialized on Oficina Alvares Ribeiro, Oporto/Vizela and Jean de Villeneuve, Lisbon); PhD in Fine Arts (Design & Typography) and European Doctor Mention of the University of Barcelona (2003).

  • Hannah Field

    Lecturer in English Literature , School of Humanities , University of Lincoln

    My D.Phil. thesis at Oxford, recently submitted, focused on nineteenth-century novelty books for children, drawn from the Opie Collection of Children's Literature at the Bodleian Library. I argued that these items—part book and part toy—challenge assumptions about what books are or should be, encouraging a sense of the book as a constitutively (rather than incidentally) material object. At the same time, they demand an understanding of reading as not just a mental activity, but a physical one—what Georges Perec calls ‘a precise activity of the body’—as well. In addition to revising my thesis into a book, I now plan a new article on an 1818 controversy of legal deposit at the Bodleian, eventually to form part of a larger investigation of attempts to delimit legal deposit by excluding certain genres and formats over the nineteenth century.

  • David Finkelstein

    Dean , School of Humanities , University of Dundee

    book history, print culture and media history, nineteenth-century literary culture.

  • John Flood

    Independent Scholar

    History of the book in Germany, esp. 1450-1600.

  • miriam franchina

    phd student , history , martin luther university

    book historyintellectual historycultural history18th century european historyhistory of print

  • Alexandra Franklin

    Project Coordinator , Centre for the Study of the Book , Bodleian Library

  • Andrew Frayn

    University of Manchester

    Final year PhD researching the reception of the 'Disenchanted' response to the First World War, from 1918-1930; also interested in reception more generally too.

  • Marci Freedman

    PhD Student , University of Manchester

    Provisional thesis title: The Transmission and Reception of Benjamin of Tudela's Book of Travels.My research provides insight into how this work survived in its extant printed editions in Hebrew, Latin and the European vernaculars and in what contexts it was read in both the medieval and early modern worlds.

  • Gervase French

    Research Student , Centre for Urban History , University of Leicester

    English chapbooks of the long eighteenth century, popular culture, and national identity

  • Dr Ulrike Fuss

    Researcher , OG Geschiedenis van de Nieuwe Tijd , KU Leuven

    Ulrike Valeria Fuss (1966) is specialized in 17th century book illustration and European and South American book history. She finished her studies in art history with a doctoral thesis about the printer-editor Matthäus Merian at the University of Trier in 1996. After working for several years in extra academic environments she enrolled as PhD student at the KU Leuven from 2009 to 2014. As FWO stipendiary she studied the cultural impact of books printed in the Southern Netherlands on the cultural elites in today’s Peru, Chile and Ecuador in the early modern period. In October 2014 she defends her PhD thesis in early modern history: Books from the Southern Netherlands in the Viceroyalty of Peru (1532-1808). Since 2013 she is volunteer at the OG Geschiedenis van de Nieuwe Tijd at the KU Leuven.Publications (as of 2000):Books and book trade as trigger of the global modernity , In: Libro y lectura en la Historia, EREBEA. Revista de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales, No 2, Oct. 2012. (http://www.uhu.es/publicaciones/ojs/index.php/erebea/article/view/1337).From Antwerp to Peru - books from the Southern Netherlands in the 16th century's Viceroyalty, In: Jaarboek voor Nederlandse Boekgeschiedenis, jaargang 18, Leiden 2011, p. 115-132. (ISBN 978-94-6004-073-3)Landschaftsspezifische Charakteristika in den Stadtansichten der frühen Neuzeit In: Städtelandschaft- Réseau urbain - Urban Network. Städte im regionalen Kontext in Spätmittelalter und Früher Neuzeit hg. von Holger Th. Gräf und Katrin Keller, Köln- Weimar– Wien, 2004, p. 199-217. (ISBN:3-412-17803-9)Momentaufnahme und Monumentalansicht. Ein Vergleich zwischen Valentin Wagner und Matthäus Merian d. Ä. In: Holger Th. Gräf und Helga Meise (ed.), Valentin Wagner (um 1610-1655): Ein Zeichner im Dreißigjährigen Krieg. Aufsätze und Werkkatalog, Marburg 2003, p. 173-184. (ISBN 3-92125-492-2)Matthäus Merian der Ältere. Von der lieblichen Landschaft zum Kriegsschauplatz - Landschaft als Kulisse des 30jährigen Krieges. Frankfurt am Main, 2000. (ISBN 3-631-35558-0)Research interests: European book history, 17th century book illustration, South American book history, Digital humanities, Digital book history

  • Dr Aileen Fyfe

    School of History , Lecturer in Modern British History

    The communication and popularisation of the sciences in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Previous work on the Religious Tract Society, Cambridge textbooks and children's science books. Forthcoming monograph on W&R Chambers and the new industrial technologies of printing and distribution.

  • Ian Gadd

    Professor of English Literature , English and Cultural Studies , Bath Spa University

    London book trade, 16th-18th century; Oxford book trade, 16th-18th century; Stationers' Company; editing

  • Victoria Gardner

    Roehampton University

    Provincial newspaper printers between 1760 and 1820. Mapping the social status of printers within their newspapers' sphere of influence, and comparing this with corresponding financial evidence as to their economic status.

  • Roger Gaskell

    Antiquarian Bookseller , Roger Gaskell Rare Books

    Interested in the bibliography of science and medicine, scientific illustration, and copperplate printing.

  • Anna Gialdini

    PhD Student , Ligatus Research Centre , University of the Arts London

    Greek-style bookbindings in Italy; Renaissance book culture and book trade; Paratexts; Material cultureBackground in Classical Studies (BA, 2009; MA, 2013, University of Milan, Italy) and Archival Science (Milan State Archive).

  • Chris Gibson

    Book Art Student , MA Visual Arts , University of the Arts

    My background in Fine Art and I am currently studying Book Arts at Camberwell College. I am interested in how new technologies can can potentially allow books to reach wider audiences.

  • Katherine Gillieson

    Department of Typography and Graphic Communication , University of Reading

    Currently researching recently published non-fiction in the UK.

  • Dr Elisabeth Giselbrecht

    Postdoctoral researcher , Music , University of Salzburg

    early printed music books; dissemination of music books in 16th century; readers and users of music books in early modern period

  • Julie Gregory

    Independent Scholar

    Interested in book Illustration.

  • Dr Carrie Griffin

    English , Queen Mary University of London and University College Cork

    History of the early and Early Modern book; medieval and Renaissance scientific publications; Charles Clark, printer and collector; collectors of medieval manuscripts; textual scholarship; the material text.

  • Dr Angela Griffith

    Lecturer , History of Art and Architecture , Trinity College Dublin

    My research examines the history of the graphic arts in Britain and Ireland from the beginnings of modernist fine art printmaking in the 1860s to contemporary multidisciplinary print practices. Currently, my focus is on Irish artists and their involvement in illustration and limited edition fine art publishing c.1830 to 1930. I recently co-curated 'Drawn to the Page - Irish artists and illustration c.1830-1930' fro Long Room TCDhttp://www.tcd.ie/Library/about/exhibitions/drawn-to-the-page/

  • Tanya Hagen

    Jesus College, University of Oxford

    English printed drama before 1660. Book history and print culture: 1660-1780.

  • Anne Marie Hagen

    PhD candidate , English Literature , University of Edinburgh

    My doctoral research is on Scottish children's book publishing 1850-1918 with focus on the firm Thomas Nelson & Sons. Research interests in children's books, textbooks and reading, book design, typography and printing, publishers' archives.

  • Kate Haines

    Research Student , School of English , University of Sussex

    My research interests are contemporary African writing, the marketing and publishing of contemporary writing, literary prizes and festivals, and cultural memory.

  • Amy Haley

    Princeton University

    Commonplace books; eighteenth-century reading and writing practices.

  • Dr Patricia Hansen

    researcher , History of Education , University of Lisbon

    History of Books and Intellectual History; Children´s Literature; Portuguese and Brazilian Children´s books

  • Steve Hare

    Editor , Online , Tate

    History of Penguin Books and Penguin design

  • Roeland Harms

    PhD Research Focus: The distribution of printed news in the early modern Dutch cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht, in comparison to the English cities of London and Exeter, 1615-1800. Central questions of research are: Where did the people get their news and how up-to-date was this information? In which media was the public opinion recorded? Who were involved in producing and distributing the news?

  • Linda Harrison

    Administrator , NHS


  • Dr Kate Highman

    Tutor , English Department , Stellenbosch University

    Plagiarism, copyright and cultural ownership, especially in postcolonial contexts. PhD thesis (University of York, 2011): 'Forging a New South Africa: Plagiarism and the National Imaginary'.

  • John Hinks

    Honorary Fellow , Centre for Urban History , University of Leicester

    Completed research: 'Book-trade Networks and Communities in English Provincial Towns, c.1695-1850' (supported by a British Academy grant). Current research: 'The Distribution of Catholic Texts in Jacobean England' (supported by a Catholic Record Society grant) and 'The Book Trade in Early Modern Britain: Centres, Peripheries and Networks' (for publication in a forthcoming collection, Printed Culture and Provincial Cities in Early Modern Europe, edited by Benito Rial Costas).

  • Brenda Hosington

    Research Associate , Centre for the Study of the Renaissance , University of Warwick

    History of translation in early modern Britain. The relationship between translation and print in early modern Britain. Analysis of the data provided by my catalogue of translations in Britain, 1473-1640, entitled 'Renaissance Cultural Crossroads', accessible at the above research website. Volume of essays on translation and print. English Women translators. Neo-Latin writings

  • Jordan Howell

    PhD Student , English , University of Delaware

    I just finished my first semester in the PhD program in English at the University of Delaware. My research interests are book history and bibliography. I am currently submitting for publication projects on abridgments of Robinson Crusoe, single author dramatic collections, and textual changes in the 9 editions of Equiano's Interesting Narrative.

  • Leslie Howsam

    University of Windsor

    British 19th and 20th century publishing history, especially history books. Theory and practice of the study of book culture(s).

  • Dr Sally Hughes

    Principle Lead MA Publishing , Publishing , Oxford Brookes University

    Museum and institutional publishing, production and reception of print, representational uses of print.

  • Ann Hurley

    Wagner College

    Early Restoration drama, manuscript to print practices, especially British female playwrights, c. 1660 - 1700.

  • Mary Ikoniadou

    PhD researcher , MIRIAD , Manchester Metropolitan University

    I am researching the visual language of publications produced by a Greek diaspora within the context of the cultural Cold War.

  • Maura Ives

    Texas A & M University

    Textual studies, especially scholarly editing and descriptive bibliography; 19th century literary publishing, periodicals, religious publications, and music.

  • Elaine Jackson

    Department of English , University of Birmingham

    Romance writers of the inter-war period. Dust-jackets relating to romance novels.

  • Simon James

    Department of English , University of Durham

    Book as commodity; Victorian publishing.

  • Dr Janelle Jenstad

    Associate Professor , English , University of Victoria

    Janelle Jenstad is an associate professor in the department of English at the University of Victoria. She is the founder and Director of The Map of Early Modern London. She is also the Assistant Coordinating Editor of Internet Shakespeare Editions. She has taught at Queen’s University, the Summer Academy at the Stratford Festival, the University of Windsor, and the University of Victoria. Her articles have appeared in the Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Early Modern Literary Studies, Elizabethan Theatre, Shakespeare Bulletin: A Journal of Performance Criticism, and The Silver Society Journal. Her book chapters have appeared (or will appear) in Performing Maternity in Early Modern England (Ashgate, 2007), Approaches to Teaching Othello (Modern Language Association, 2005), Shakespeare, Language and the Stage, The Fifth Wall: Approaches to Shakespeare from Criticism, Performance and Theatre Studies (Arden/Thomson Learning, 2005), Institutional Culture in Early Modern Society (Brill, 2004), New Directions in the Geohumanities: Art, Text, and History at the Edge of Place (Routledge, 2011), and Teaching Early Modern English Literature from the Archives (MLA, forthcoming). She is currently working on an edition of The Merchant of Venice for ISE and Broadview, and an edition of Heywood's 2 If You Know Not Me You Know Nobody for Digital Renaissance Editions. With Jennifer Roberts-Smith, she is co-editing a volume entitled Shakespeare's Language in Digital Media (under contract with Ashgate).

  • Ines Jerele Vodopivec

    Researcher / Librarian , Library Research Centre , National and University Library of Slovenia

    PhD candidate interested in manuscripts, early prints, book illustration and decoration; Book History and librarianship.

  • Marrisa Joseph

    PhD Research Student , Management and Organisational History School of Business and Management , Queen Mary University of London

    PhD topic: The professionalisation and development of the literary agent in late Nineteenth century Britain.Also interested in rights and intellectual property management and the history of copyright.

  • Sandro Jung

    Professor of English and Director of the Centre for the Study of Text and Print Culture , Department of Literary Studies , Ghent University

    I carry out research on all aspects of book history and have special interests in book illustration, the chapbook, editions of poetry, cultural consumption, the economics of book production, printing, and literary ephemera in the long eighteenth century.

  • Patricia May Jurilla

    Department of English and Comparative Literature , University of the Philippines Diliman

    PhD candidate, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. History of the Book in the Philippines, 20th-century book publishing, Literary publishing.

  • Leila Kassir

    Librarian , Library Services , University of the Arts London

    General history of the Western book

  • Dr Innes Keighren

    Lecturer in Human Geography , Department of Geography , Royal Holloway, University of London

    The historical geographies of authorship, publishing and reading, particularly in relation to the publishing house John Murray.

  • Andrew King

    Professor of English Literature and Literary Studies , Department of Communication and Creative Arts , University of Greenwich

    Nineteenth century publishing history and mass-market periodicals.

  • Sheree Kinlyside

    Independent Scholar and Printer , Red Rag Press

    Typography, history of the book, the private press, fine letterpress printing,women printers and publishers, book illustration historical and otherwise, print culture and print ephemera. Preservation of non-digital printing equipment.

  • Dr Elizabeth Lake

    Unemployed , Not Applicable , Not Applicable

    Medical literature, publishers and booksellers, Ireland, nineteenth century.

  • Sonali Lakhotia

    student , oxford brookes university

    colonial publishing in India

  • Sarah Laseke

    PhD Researcher , Leiden University

    My thesis considers modes of scribal collaboration in fifteenth century manuscripts. My research explores the working methods of scribes copying books collaboratively in monastic and secular milieus. In addition, my work will address the relationship between scribal collaboration and contemporary economic developments in book production.

  • Amanda Lastoria

    PhD student and freelancer , Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing , Simon Fraser University

    The ways in which the book's design and production values influence the market for and meaning of the text. Currently researching the early publishing history of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'.

  • Barbara Lauriat

    Oxford University

    Copyright History

  • Edward Law

    Indeoendent , Independent

    Origins, exponents and output of anastatic printing and papyrography

  • Doris Lechner

    PhD Student , English Department , University of Freiburg

    Victorian periodicals and book trade, especially representations of the past; contemporary British and German book trade

  • Rupert Lee

    Independent scholar , Independent scholar

    Early C19 English 'underworld' book trade, with a particular focus on the interstices of politically radical and pornographic/sexually dissident publishing. I am currently researching the career of Holborn-based publisher, printer and bookseller John Duncombe and would welcome contact from anyone whose work relates to him or his milieu.

  • Christine Lees

    Birkbeck College, University of London

    Research interests include twentieth-century literary manuscripts, particularly the sources, notebooks and draft manuscripts for James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake".

  • Dr João Leonel

    professor , Literature , Mackenzie University

    Protestant Brazilian Reading History

  • Lucy Lewis

    Modern Archivist and Records Manager , Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

    Incunabula and early printing history (fifteenth/sixteenth centuries); editions of Chaucer and Middle English literature; cultural materialism/New Historicism.

  • David Lewis

    Student , School of English Studies , SAS Uuniversity of London

    Student: MA History of the Book

  • Yong Liu

    China University of Political Science and Law

    Art censorship. Legal classics.

  • Katie Lord

    University College London

    Library history

  • Jean-Christophe Loubet

    Independent Scholar

    Popularisation of the history of writing and printing via my websites: 'Typographie et Civilisation' and 'Typographia Historia'

  • Stephen Lubell

    PhD Candidate , Institute of English Studies , School of Advanced Study

    History of printing and typographyHistory of Hebrew printing in the 16th/17th centuriesPhD research is focused on the analysis of the scrapbooks of Guillaume I Le Bé

  • Dr James M'Kenzie-Hall

    Independent Scholar

    Awarded PhD in 2011 by University of Southampton-Solent for thesis on 'Illustrated Travel: steel engravings and their use in early nineteenth-century topographical books with particular reference to the publications of Henry Fisher, Son & Co'. I investigated Fisher's transition from publisher of religious numbers in Liverpool to leading publisher of illustrated topographical works in London. I now wish to continue and enlarge my research into the numbers trade and the introduction, production and sale of steel engravings in illustrated picture books in the first half of the nineteenth-century. Areas of interest include: British book trades, London, English provinces and Scotland in the nineteenth-century.

  • Jessica Macaulay

    Student , English , Mount Royal University

    Medieval manuscripts, paleography, codicology, book binding, book making, and early print books.

  • Claire Macht

    Manager , EBD Group

    Background in medieval mystic literature, monasticism and gender studies. Research interests in librarian biography, country house libraries, book collector/seller biography, monastic libraries

  • Davidson MacLaren

    Executive Director , The Islamic Manuscript Association

    Islamic codicology; Islamic calligraphy and book arts, especially Ottoman and Mamluk; art technological source research; museology; librarianship; book and paper conservation

  • Roberta Magnani

    Cardiff University

    Researching the history of the editions of Chaucer's works.

  • Christos Mais

    PhD Candidate , Institute of Cultural Discipline , Universiteit Leiden

    Radical/Underground/Clandestine/Leftist/Dissident Publishing Activity (mainly in the 60s-70s)Digital MediaArchival research-methods on Book Publishing HistoryBook Publishing & PoliticsThe role of book publishing in the contemporary political history (from the 20th century until today)

  • Bonnie Mak

    University of Notre Dame

    Manuscript and print culture in the late Middle Ages. Dissertation pays particular attention to the page space as it travels across different media, from manuscript to print to screen. PhD completed 2004. Dissertation title: '(Re)defining the page for a digital world'. Current position: postdoctoral fellow: InterPARES Project (International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems).

  • Dr Anthony Mandal

    Senior Lecturer in English Literature , Centre for Editorial and Intertextual Research , Cardiff University

    Nineteenth-century print culture; digital humanities; the gothic; fiction, particularly of the long nineteenth century.

  • Nancy Marquez

    PhD Student , History , Victoria University of Wellington

    Transatlantic Book Trade from New Spain to Spain 1539-1700

  • Hamish Mathison

    Department of English Literature , University of Sheffield

    Eighteenth-century Scottish newspapers.

  • Kyle Mccaskill

    University of Maine

    In researching book history I meld my dual background in English and History. I approach the history of reading and writing as a historical continuum, the study of which may shed light on the current changes in publishing resulting from computer technology

  • Katie McGettigan

    PhD candidate , American Studies , Keele University

    I am currently working on a PhD thesis that considers how Herman Melville's fiction engages with and appropriates aspects of the industrial material text and the conditions of literary production in antebellum America. I have published on representations of the literary marketplace in Melville and Thomas Carlyle, and have presented work on the Transatlantic circulation and reception of 'Putnam's Monthly Magazine'.My wider research interests cover: nineteenth-century British and American book history; the Industrial Book; the literary marketplace 1830-1900; Transatlantic publishing (especially Samson Low and Richard Bentley); Periodical Studies; literary representations of book production, publishing, and authorship; paper and papermaking.

  • Barry Mckay

    Independent Scholar

    Chapbooks. History of the book and book trade in Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire north of the Sands.

  • Anthony McNeill

    Postgraduate Student , School of Education , University of Sheffield

    I'm a (mature) postgraduate student at the University of Sheffield writing a dissertation provisionally entitled e-Reader, I married him: readership in the ‘late age of print’, a small-scale ethnographic study of readers’ preferences for and uses of different technologies of reading.I'm interested in book history, digital and material cultural studies and new literacies.

  • Dr Angela McShane

    Head of Early Modern Studies , History of Design , Royal College of Art

    Cheap Print and Popular Politics, in particular political broadside ballads of seventeenth century England

  • Katherine Meier

    PhD Candidate , History and Civilization , European University Institute

    I am currently in the fourth year of my PhD at the European University Institute, having previously studied in Ireland, America and Britain. The title of my thesis is ‘The Social and Cultural History of Dublin’s Book Trade, 1780 -1860’. The thesis addresses both the effects of the Act of Union on the book trade in Dublin but also the effects on the former capital. Education and the change from an oral Irish culture to a print English one is also addressed within the thesis. A final strand of research focuses on the increase in Irish culture books in the 1830s and 1840s, which occurred for a number of reasons, both internal and external to the trade.

  • Leigh Mitnick

    Postgraduate student MA Publishing , Department of Information Studies , University College London

    Publishing, Artists' books

  • Jennifer Moore

    Editorial Assistant and Researcher , Irish Historic Towns Atlas , Royal Irish Academy

    Provincial print culture with a special interest in Limerick. Irish urban history, cartographic history

  • Yolanda Morato

    Department of Romance Languages & Literatures , Harvard University

    Currently working on editing and translating Time and Western Man (1927) by Wyndham Lewis, my research is on a) avant-garde publications (mainly early20th-century magazines and journals) and b) building up the bridge among modernist artists from English, French and Spanish backgrounds. An example of this work is 'Words of Art: Wyndham Lewis and the Avant-garde Texts (1914-1916)', a paper presented at the Book History Postgraduate Conference in Edinburgh (April 2002).

  • Benjamin Morris

    University of Edinburgh

    Philosophy and literature, translation, errata, ephemera, marginalia and 'pretty much anything that gets lost in the cracks'.

  • Dr Gabriel Moshenska

    Lecturer in Public Archaeology , Institute of Archaeology , UCL

    Archaeology of books and manuscripts (literally books dug up out of the ground) and the burial of books in art, literature, history, myth etc.

  • Dr Stephen Mossman

    Lecturer in Medieval History , School of Arts Languages and Cultures , University of Manchester

    Medieval manuscripts and codicology (c.1200-c.1530), especially in German- and Dutch-speaking Europe; early printing through to c. 1550; libraries and patterns of book ownership and circulation in late medieval Europe

  • Sharon Murphy

    School of English , Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

    Currently working on a study on Fiction and the East India Company Soldiers, 1757-1857. Author of Maria Edgeworth and Romance (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2004).

  • Kylie Murray

    Doctoral candidate , English Faculty , University of Oxford

    Older Scots manuscripts, Scots-Latin manuscripts, early Scottish prints, annotations, Boethius, Classical reception, woodcut, text and image, marginalia, illumination and miniatures

  • Dr Paul Nash


    • Please update contact details

    Printing and publishing history, printing practice, private presses, book-illustration and design, architecural books, libraries, bibliophilia, bibliography and the curiosities of book-history.

  • Frederick Nesta

    Department of Information Studies , Aberystwyth University

    The Commerce of Literature: George Gissing and His Victorian Publishers, 1880-1903. My PhD thesis uses the case of George Gissing, author of New Grub Street and other well-regarded but not best-selling novels, to examine the economics of late 19th century British publishing from the perspective of the author.

  • Sarah S W Ng

    DPhil Candidate , History of Art Department , University of Oxford

    Social History of the calligraphy reproduction in book format in Ming China (1368-1644) (Especially interested in Chinese book history)

  • Corinna Norrick-Ruehl

    Lecturer , Institute for Book Studies , Johannes Gutenberg University

    Book history 20th century; children's literature; translations; literary magazines

  • Dr Anna Nyburg

    Humanities Erasmus Coordinator , Department of Humanities , Imperial College

    'Hardly a Trace left of Danube or Spree?' A Contribution to the Study of Art Book Publishing and Illustrated Book Production in Britain by German-speaking exiles from National Socialism.

  • Philippe Nys

    University of Paris 8

    Theory of literature, space and architecture: relations between texts and images connected with architecture, landscape and garden. General hermeneutics.

  • Maroussia Oakley

    Independent Scholar , Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study , University of London

    Publishing contexts of the book illustrations of the Pre-Raphaelite artist Arthur Hughes (1832-1915).

  • Carlyn Osborn

    Library Assistant , Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries

    History of scientific communication, particularly in early modern Europe. History of scientific societies and their use of texts. Influence of the printing press on scientific and scholarly communication throughout Europe before the nineteenth century.

  • Charlotte Panofre

    Faculty of English , University of Cambridge

    Protestant exiles' propaganda output under Mary Tudor, 1553-1558 (English and Latin propaganda); relationships between authors; printers and authors.

  • Irini Papadaki

    University of Crete

    Research interests : Printing, selling and reading of Greek books in the Meditteranean during the second half of the sixteenth century.

  • Katherine Parker

    PhD Candidate , History , University of Pittsburgh

    History of the book and cartography, 18th century intellectual and cultural history, History of exploration/encounter, History of the British Empire, Pacific History

  • Dr Lisa Peters

    Law Librarian , Learning & Information Services , University of Chester

    Newspapers in North Wales, Cheshire, and Shropshire

  • Mark Phillimore

    Independent Scholar

    Currently cataloguing and recording an 18th/19th-century library which is going to be sold with the sale of my parents' country house. Hoping to create a web site so that although the collection is broken up, it lives on in virtual form. Classical, naval, French, Italian and Spanish literature are just some of the themes. Family was strongly naval and legal. I am learning as I go along but would be interested to hear of catalogues of 18th and 19th century minor country house libraries to compare.

  • Robin Phillips

    Independent Scholar

    Retired librarian, employed in University of Nottingham 1963-99, serving Law Department, Social Sciences, Music Department, etc.20th-century Typography; Curwen Press, Plaistow, London

  • Susan Pickford

    University of Toulouse

    Currently working on typographical innovations in early Romantic travel writing.

  • Dr Audrey Pinto

    Technical Editor , NIH

    book history, Medieval manuscripts [British isles, 12–15 centuries), book arts, working in special collections/archives

  • Dr Luca Polidoro

    Post graduate student , Department of Sciences of the document linguistic philological and geographical , Sapienza University of Rome

    History of typography, especially of the Ancien Regime in Europe.

  • Izabela Potapowicz

    Contemporary reading practices; book promotion and distribution; promotion of reading and literacy through audio-visual media.

  • Barry Potyondi

    Independent Scholar

    History of the English Bookstore

  • Dr Michael Powell

    Librarian , Chethams Library

    Provincial book trade. Newspapers, periodicals, ephemera.

  • Nick Poyntz

    Independent researcher , Independent researcher , Formerly postgrad at Birkbeck College

    Currently researching the life and work of the English Civil War pamphleteer, preacher, ironmonger and journalist Henry Walker (1612-1687). Until recently Walker has been something of a figure of fun amongst historians: latterly scholars have started to recognise the importance of his journalism, and of his first short quarto pamphlets from the early 1640s. My research looks at Walker's life through a series of perspectives, including his interaction with other authors, printers and booksellers; his links to high and popular politics; and his personal and family life. I aim to re-evaluate his life within the wider context of print and manuscript networks in mid-17th century London and beyond.

  • Rathna Ramanathan

    Department of Typography and Graphic Communication , University of Reading

    'The Gaberbocchus Press & Book Design in a Small Publishing House'. Researching the role of the designer and the process of book design in small publishing houses with specific relevance to The Gaberbocchus Press (1948-1979) with the aim of developing an alternative, conceptual framework for professional book design practice. What is the relationship between the author/publisher/editor/designer in a small publishing house? How does their interaction contribute to the process of making books? What contributions can small publishing houses make to book design?

  • Hadrien Rambach

    Royal Numismatic Society

    Numismatic literature, and in particular the works of Louis Savot, Joseph Addison and T.E. Dumersan, as well as the antiquarian inscribed books. & Occasionally books about engraved gems.

  • Melanie RamdarshanBold

    Information Science , Loughborough University

    • Please update contact details

    The History of Copyright Copyright in the Digital EnvironmentGlobal Copyright EconomyHistorical and Contemporary AuthorshipThe History of the Book and the Book TradeDigital and Electronic PublishingTrade Book PublishingBusiness Model Development in the Media Industries

  • Nigel Ramsay

    Research Fellow , History Department , University College London

    I am researching with a view to writing a book on Seymour de Ricci (1881-1942). He was active in England, France and the US, from 1900 to 1940, specialising in the history of the ownership of medieval and early modern manuscripts, bookbindings and works of art. The new DNB has my preliminary account of him.

  • Alan Ranch

    Director of Graduate Liberal Studies , University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    18th and 19th Compendia of Knowledge (Encyclopaedias: Children's books; conduct books); Libraries; the dissemination of knowledge transport & print; the popularization of science.

  • Susannah Randall

    Trinity College, Cambridge

    Early modern book trade and late seventeenth-century English newspapers.

  • Wade Razzi

    Graduate Student , English , Merton College Oxford University

    The Tudor Book Trade

  • David Reagles

    PhD Student , History and Culture , Drew University

    History of Reading; Religious History; Modern British History; Conversion; working-class religious thought

  • Gareth Reeves

    PhD candidate , English department , Durham University

    Although I won't be writing book history, I am interested in reading about it, specifically history of late-Victorian publishing, which my thesis is concerned with.

  • Dr Jacqueline Reid-Walsh

    Associate Professor , Curriculum and Instruction , The Pennsylvania State University

    Early children's books, movable books and juveniliia

  • Dr Dagmar Riedel

    Associate Research Scholar , Center for Iranian Studies , Columbia University

    My research explores the history of Islamic books within the wider perspectives of the cultural and intellectual history of the transmission of knowledge between the Near East, Europe, and North America. In my dissertation (Indiana University, 2004) I analyzed the contents and circulation of two single-subject encyclopedias that originated in western Iran before 1200. I approached these Arabic and Persian works as pragmatic literature designed for instruction, and not as works of belles-lettres or historiography, and my anlysis was based on codicological evidence and bibliographical research. My current research agenda comprises the revision of my dissertation for publication, as well as two new projects. The first is a reception study of the anatomy chapter in the ʿAjāʾib al-makhlūqāt by Zakariyyāʾ Qazwīnī (1202-1283) to connect the study of Islamic medicine with current research on iconography, image-text relationships, and the history of science. But the diachronic analysis of the ʿAjāʾib circulation until the twentieth century raises the question of which works were immediately published in print after the adaptation of printing technology to large-scale book production in Muslim societies after 1800. In the second project I therefore explore technology transfer to Muslim societies through a case-study of the manuscript-to-print transition between 1800 and 1914.

  • Dunstan Roberts

    Doctoral Candidate , Faculty of English , University of Cambridge

    My research is primarily concerned with the impact of the Reformation on the methods of annotation used in books by readers, and is aimed at exploring possible parallels between intellectual history and the history of reading. I am also working on several smaller projects which concern the activities of specific readers. The subjects of these studies include: Henry VIII, Lord Herbert of Cherbury (1582?-1648), the puritan and iconoclast William Dowsing (1596-1668), and the deist and freethinker Charles Blount (1654-1693).

  • Dr Peter Robinson

    Associate Professor , Department of English Language , University of Tokyo

    Literary advertising: especially the advertising of late 18th-century political works published by under-the-radar publishers.

  • Isabel Robinson

    PhD Candidate , University of Edinburgh

    Early modern print culture. The relationship between text and image. Bookbinding. Collecting practices.

  • Dr Geoffrey Roper

    Independent researcher , none

    History of printing in the Arabic script, from early mediaeval to modern times, both in the Middle East and in Europe.The Lebanese writer Faris al-Shidyaq (c.1805-87), who lived and worked in England and France as well as in the Ottoman Empire; his role as a protagonist of print culture.Currently serving as Editor of a forthcoming Handbook of the History of Printing in Europe and the Mediterrenean,with a special Focus on Theatralia, Musicalia and Orientalia, for the Don Juan Archiv in Vienna.

  • Steve Roud

    None , None , Freelance

    Street literature - Broadsides, chapbooks, cheap prints etc.

  • Dr Malini Roy

    Division of English , Nanyang Technological University

    • Please update contact details

    Romanticism,children's books,comics and graphic novels, folklore, fairy tales and fantasy literature

  • Lesley Ruthven

    Assistant Librarian Special Collections , Library , Goldsmiths University of London

    Early illustrationEarly printMusic printingEngaging audiences with Rare Books & Special Collections

  • Dawn Sanders

    Centre for Informal Learning and Schools , King's College London

    Victorian and Edwardian natural history publications vis a vis past and current natural history pedagogies.

  • Roger Schonfeld

    Director of Research , Ithaka S+R

    The history of preservation and archiving; the effects of digital technologies. Author of JSTOR: A History (Princeton, 2003), which documents the development of JSTOR as an archive of academic journals and a self-sustaining organization; relevant to preservation and archiving in the digital age, management and organizational development of not-for-profit organizations, the role of foundations/trusts, and general problems of digitization.

  • Katharine Schopflin

    PhD Student , Department of Information Studies , University College London

    History and use of reference books and the development of the encyclopaedia.

  • Lars Schwarz

    None , None , Schriftmuseum

    We are building a type museum and love to do some printing history book research via your site

  • Jennifer Scott

    student , English , Simon Fraser University

    I am a PhD Candidate in the English Department at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. I hold a Master's Degree with a Print Culture Designation from Simon Fraser University. My research interests includeVictorian literature, publishing and book history, Romantic literature, nineteenth-century Canadian literature, political economy, transatlanticism, feminism, print culture, and cultural materialism.

  • Brenda Scragg

    John Rylands Research Institute

    Nineteenth-century Manchester.

  • Dr Mary L. Shannon

    Research Assistant , Centre for e research in Department of Digital Humanities , Kings College London

    Nineteenth-century print culture of London and Melbourne; Victorian newspapers and periodicals; Dickens, Mayhew, and GWM Reynolds;literary networks;cultural geography of London;serial texts; late-nineteenth century adventure fiction

  • Dr Sydney Shep

    Senior Lecturer in Print and Book Culture and The Printer , Waiteata Press , Victoria University of Wellington

    printing history and allied book trades, translocal history of the book, 19thc periodicals, social network analysis, object biography, memory and museums, digital history

  • Patricia Sieber

    Associate Professor , East Asian Languages and Literatures , The Ohio State University

    The print networks surrounding the production and consumption of Chinese texts and their translations in China and Europe, 1700-1900

  • Kristen Sipper

    School of English , University of Nottingham

  • Jennifer Dawn Smith

    National University of Ireland

    The history and applications of artefact books (artists' books). Reading and the effect of the material form of the book.

  • Paul Smith

    Professor , Folklore , Memorial University

    Broadsides; Chapbooks;

  • Marja Smolenaars

    Sir Thomas Browne Institute , Leiden University

    Current research project: Samuel Smith, bookseller/publisher in London from 1682-1707 as part of the broader issue of Anglo-Dutch book trade relations around 1700. The research involves a reconstruction of his publications, with an emphasis on those where an involvement from abroad can be established or even the foreign origin of the book. Another source for reconstructing Smith's contacts abroad is the Smith Correspondence (Bodleian: Rawlinson MS Letters 114), a collection of letters received by Smith from colleagues on the Continent. As very little evidence of the day-to-day business dealings in the cross-Channel book trade of the period still exists, I hope that a close examination of Smith, his correspondence and his business activities will enable me to draw more general conclusions about the wider book trade relations of the period.

  • Dr Rosa Smurra

    Assistant Professor , Education , University of Bologna

    Medieval Urban History; Medieval University and book production; Parchment-makers in 13th-century Bologna

  • Bob Snape

    Health and Social Sciences , University of Bolton

    The provision of fiction in British public libraries 1850-1914. The National Home Reading Union (1889-1930). Radical and 'underground' publishing in Britain 1960-1985.

  • Brian Southam

    Independent Scholar

    Currently researching the detailed, step-by-step route that literary manuscripts followed, from the time that they arrived at the publishers, through to their eventual appearance at the other end as finished copies, and the processes they went through en route, over the years 1800-1820. I am seeking detailed accounts of the working practice of individual publishers and printers. For any reference to these sources, or suggestions where they might be found I would be most grateful.

  • Dr Patrick Spedding

    Lecturer , English , Monash University

    18th century book history generally, but esp. the works of Eliza Haywood (my Bibliography of Haywood was published in 2004) and the clandestine publication of erotica (the subject of a recent 3-year research project).

  • Jacqueline Speel

    Indexer and historical researcher , None

    London topics - in particular London's governmentWilfrid Voynich, antiquarian bookseller, and associates

  • John Spiers

    Senior Research Fellow , Institute of English Studies , University of London

    Popular fiction publishing, 1850-1918, especially the firm of Richard Edward King, publisher of Books for the Million.

  • Ellis Stacey

    PhD Candidate , History , University of Birmingham

    My research looks at the publication of books about Revolutionary Russia and the Soviet union in Britain between the wars.

  • Richard Staines

    Retired , Retired , Retired

    Dear Sirs: The London College of Communications has suggested I write to you. I am undertaking a project involving research into the lives and conditions of service of 19th century printing apprentices. I am wondering as how the Book Society and the Book History Research Network might help here. I want to focus on the indentures that were connected to the apprenticeships, to explore the apprentice system as it applied to the printing industry, its effectiveness in the intergenerational transmission of skills of operating machinery and setting type and to investigate questions of social justice and gender. How did the system coexist with the emerging state education system; what were the overlaps and tensions between schooling and apprenticeship education and training? Any help and illuminations would be most gratefully appreciated. Richard Staines

  • Keisha Ann Stewart

    Student , Publishing Studies , University of Stirling

    Books' transformation in the 20th century

  • Victoria Stiles

    Student and PT Tutor , History , University of Nottingham

    Histories of Britain and the British Empire published in Germany, especially under National-Socialism.Distribution networks for state-sponsored publications.Cross-border transfer of ideas and publishing practices.Cooperation and tensions between authors / academics, publishers and regulating bodies.

  • Dr Andrea Tafini

    Phd , Universita degli Stranieri di Perugia , Universita

    History of the book: past, present and future. Phd in "Scienza del libro e della scrittura" at University of Perugia, Italy

  • Dr Francesca Tancini

    Curator Librarian , Federico Zeri Foundation Art Library , University of Bologna

    illustration, chromoxylography, colour-printing, children's books, yellowbacks, printing techniques

  • Will Tattersdill

    Doctoral Researcher , English , KCL

    Arguing for connected(/connective) understanding of late C19th/early C20th magazines through engagements with their physicality as well as with their contents.Also interested in: literature and science, genre/popular fiction, notions of literary value, early science fiction, imperialism/colonialism, actor network, golden age detective fiction.

  • Dr Robert Thake

    Lawyer , University of Malta

    Books on Malta (Melitensia), Prohibited Literature, Anonymous Publications, History of the Book, Print culture in Malta, Hospitaller Order of St John, Eighteenth-century Malta.

  • Martyn Thomas

    Independent Scholar

    UK private press and other fine letterpress printing from 1867 to the present day. Co-author (with Martyn Ould) of The Fell Revival (Old School Press, 2000) and, with John A. Lane and Anne Rogers, of a biography and bibliography of Harry Carter, Typographer (Old School Press, 2005). Currently researching the contact networks that underpinned the development and spread of fine printing in the UK in the 20th century, and welcomes suggestions for individuals to be included in any resulting book.

  • Peter Thornber

    Bookseller and Independent Scholar , Peter M Thornber Bookseller Consultant and Researcher


  • Brienne Thornbury

    PG Student , Book History and Publishing Culture , Oxford Brookes

    Dickens, early Victorian travel writing

  • Jef Tombeur

    Université Paris Diderot, Paris 7

    Typography. Women in the printing trade.

  • Dr Justin Tonra

    Postdoctoral Fellow , English Department , University of Virginia

    Nineteenth-Century Literature; Book History; Bibliography; Textual Studies; Scholarly Editing; Digital Humanities; Publication and Reception History; Thomas Moore.

  • Isadora Torres

    Junior editor 2 , Editorial , Grupo Editorial Record

    Publishing business, typography, book history.

  • Dr Gemma Towle

    Researcher , Information Services , The University of Northampton

    Electronic books (PhD topic), publishing, technology enhanced learning.

  • Dr Mark Towsey

    Lecturer in History , History , University of Liverpool

    History of Reading, History of Libraries

  • Benjamin Tree

    Research Student , Photography History Research Centre , De Montfort University

    International exchange in photographic books in the postwar and after, particularly publishing partnerships regarding serial publications. An interest in dialogues between Japanese and European publishers regarding photographic texts.

  • Katherine Tycz

    PhD Student , Italian , Univeristy of Cambridge

    The materiality of text in early modern Italy; production of devotional books and prayer flyers

  • Elizabeth Upper

    PhD candidate , History of Art , University of Cambridge

    early modern colour woodcuts (mainly 16th century), including book illustrations printed in colour

  • Dr Wim Van Mierlo

    Lecturer in Textual Scholarship and English Literature , Institute of English Studies , University of London

    Modern Literary Manuscripts - Genetic Criticism - Textual Scholarship, Historical Bibliography and Editorial Theory - Reading Notes and Reception History - History of the Book - British, American and Anglo-Irish Literature - Romanticism, Fin de Siecle and Modernism - James Joyce, W.B. Yeats

  • David Vichnar

    Research Fellow , English , Birkbeck College

    Joyce StudiesEuropean Avantgarde (pre-war and post-war)Postmodernism and Contemporary Experimental LiteratureHypertext and HypermediaCritical TheoryComparative Litrature

  • Esther Maria Villegas de la Torre

    Research Student , Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American Studies , University of Nottingham

    My research and teaching interests lie in the fields of comparative book history (the study of ideas in conjunction with that of material cultures, including artwork and illustration) and gender studies. More specifically, I am interested in the professionalization of the writer's career that took place in the first decades of the seventeenth century, the first major step towards a modern concept of the author as autonomous artist (Viala 1985) and towards the consequent transformation of the public sphere (Habermas 1992). My doctoral thesis charted the rise and consolidation of the position and image of women authors within the new república literaria in the Spanish empire 1447-1700. It set out to demonstrate, chiefly through an analysis of paratexts (aprobaciones, licences, dedications, prologues) in works patronized, written, or published by women in Catalan, Portuguese, and Spanish, that women's gender did not prevent them from gaining a successful and recognized place within the rising literary profession. The 'rise of the author' was not gendered in the way that has previously been supposed; both men and women were equally involved in it as agents.

  • James Wald

    professor , Critical Social Inquiry , Hampshire College

    history; book history; cultural history, c. C 18-20; German studies; literary life, Enlightenment to modernism

  • Dan Wall

    Aberdeen University

    Print culture of the Romantic period, early 19th-century Edinburgh periodicals (especiallyBlackwood's Edinburgh Magazine). PhD focuses on formulation and theorization of national literary identity through the work of the novelist, critic and biographer, John Gibson Lockhart, whose contributions to Blackwood's constitute a significant portion of this study.

  • Welmoet Wartena

    Book designer and academic , WelmoetWartena

    I am interested in the relationship between poetry, visual art and the book design. In particular concrete poetry and typography.

  • Lucy Warwick

    PhD Student , Publishing Studies , Oxford Brookes University

    The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, working class reading, and the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the nineteenth century.

  • Dr Paul Watt

    Lecturer in Musicology , School of Music - Conservatorium , Monash University VIC 3800

    Nineteenth-century music and print culture; British music; music biography and criticism.

  • Anne Welsh

    Lecturer in Library and Information Studies , Department of Information Studie , University College London

    I coordinate the Historical Bibliography module on the MA LIS and MA DH at UCL. Particularly interested in enumerative bibliography; provenance research and marginalia. Working towards PhD on the working library of Walter de la Mare.

  • Susan Wilkin

    Library Assistant , Bodleian Libraries , University of Oxford

    English texts on productive gardening, especially fruit cultivation, c.1650-c.1750.

  • Kate Wilson

    City University of New York

    Cultural history of the theatre play-script: the history of its format; its handling by theatre artists; printing, publication and copyright; reading practices (or lack of them); semiotics, especially of 'stage directions'. Current research focuses on 19th-century USA - industrial capitalism - and certain melodramas.

  • Hoi-to Wong

    Instructor , Chinese and History , City University of Hong Kong

    I am a doctoral candidate at Edinburgh. I am interested in the international book trade and circulation between East Asia and the West, and foreign printers, publishers and booksellers in East Asia.

  • Dr Matthew Yeo

    History Department , Charterhouse

    Awarded PhD in 2009 by University of Manchester for thesis on history of Chetham's Library, Manchester; forthcoming monograph, 'The Acquisition of Books by Chetham's Library, 1655-1700' (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2011). Areas of interest; reception studies, history of reading, new and second-hand book-trade in Britain and Continent in early modern period, library history.

  • Daisuke Yonemura

    Department of English , University of Birmingham

    Student: MA Text & Book

  • Nihong Zhu

    former postgraduate student , School of History , University of St Andrews

    Cultural exchanges between China and Europe through booksMissionary textual historyChinese book history